AMFm Key Learnings (November 2013)

In 2012-2013 Ian Boulton was the project consultant for the Roll Back Malaria Affordable Medicines for malaria (AMFm) Task Force. A key deliverable from the work of the Task Force was a Key Learnings Summary. This was authored by Ian. It aims to inform malaria programme managers and decision makers of the lessons learnt since 2010 from implementing AMFm nationally in eight malaria programmes in seven countries: Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Niger, Nigeria, Tanzania mainland, Uganda and Zanzibar. It was published in both English and French versions.

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The future of the Affordable Medicines Facility – malaria (AMFm) (December 2012)

At the end of 2012, Ian Boulton was asked to present his views on the results of the Affordable Medicines Facility – malaria (AMFm) at the 11th Assises Panafricaines de Lutte Contre le Paludisme (11th Pan-African National Malaria Control Programmes Meeting), sponsored and organised Sanofi, under the title:- Le devenir de l’AMFm: Bilan de la phase 1 et perspective – le modè le AMFm est – il viable sans les sources actuelles de financement? (The Future of AMFm: The Results of Phase 1 and Future Prospects – is the model viable without the current funding?)

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RBM AMFM Landscape Paper (May 2012)

The Affordable Medicines Facility – malaria (AMFm) was an initiative piloted in Africa. Its main objective was to increase access to Quality Assured Artemisinin-containing Combination Treatments (QAACTs) through a co-payment mechanism. The co-payment was intended to reduce the end-user price of QAACTS to the same level as chloroquine or sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine. The pilot programmes ended in December 2012 and the Global Fund asked the Roll Back Malaria Partnership (RBM) to take leadership in planning for the transition in 2013 to the next phase of this initiative. The RBM Board discussed this issue at its May 2012 meeting.

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