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“Beyond Profit: More than Cash” (November 2013)

In 2013 TropMed Pharma Consulting were asked to study and report on the totality of the contributions made by the Private Sector to the work of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in the period 2011-2013. This piece of work looked at all types of contribution, not just cash donations to the Global Fund. A key finding was the significant contribution made by the Private Sector through research and development into new interventions (drugs, diagnostics, vector control, etc.), which dwarfs all the other contributions made.

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AMFm Key Learnings (November 2013)

In 2012-2013 Ian Boulton was the project consultant for the Roll Back Malaria Affordable Medicines for malaria (AMFm) Task Force. A key deliverable from the work of the Task Force was a Key Learnings Summary. This was authored by Ian. It aims to inform malaria programme managers and decision makers of the lessons learnt since 2010 from implementing AMFm nationally in eight malaria programmes in seven countries: Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Niger, Nigeria, Tanzania mainland, Uganda and Zanzibar. It was published in both English and French versions.

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CRIMALDDI Roadmap (Malaria Journal 2013)

The Coordination, Rationalization, and Integration of anti-MALarial drug Discovery & Development Initiatives (CRIMALDDI) Consortium has been a three-year project funded by the EU Framework Seven Programme. It aimed to develop a prioritized set of recommendations to speed up anti-malarial drug discovery research and contribute to the setting of the global research agenda. It has attempted to align thinking on the high priority issues and then to develop action plans and strategies to address these issues.

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CRIMALDDI Recommendations (Malaria Journal 2013)

The Coordination, Rationalization, and Integration of anti-MALarial drug Discovery & Development Initiatives (CRIMALDDI) Consortium, funded by the EU Framework Seven Programme, attempted in 2009-2010, through a series of interactive and facilitated workshops, to develop priorities for research to expedite the discovery of new anti-malarials. Ian Boulton was the Project Leader for this initiative, responsible for facilitating the workshops as well as contributing to the development of the conclusions and recommendations. This is one of two papers published at the end of the project. It outlines the recommendations for the development of enabling technologies and the identification of novel targets.

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